Montrose & District Motorcycle Club

rules and regulations

1. The Course

. Sections will be separately numbered and should be ridden in numerical sequence.

. No section may be ridden more than once per lap unless directed by the clerk of the course

.Riders shall start Lap one at the point designated at the rider's meeting by the clerk of the course or his representive. Second and subsequent laps will start at the same point.

. It is the sole responsibility of the rider to make sure that he/she has completed the required number of laps and sections within the laps.



A rider will sign on at the start and must report at the Finish where he/she must hand in the scorecard to sign off. The method of deciding the starting order for riders will be stated on the supplementary Regulations.



The Boundaries of a section may be tape or markers which should be set out on either side of the section and the boundary is an

imaginary line between each marker the machine must stay within these marked boundaries, any touches or dabs in or outside these boundaries whilst the machine is in the section will count. Any rider who deliberately leans on an object with any part of the body will also be penalised with loss of marks.( ie leaning on a tree). All dangerous objects, metal,or glass which could cause injuries to riders MUST be removed. Overhanging tree branches should only be removed with permission of the observer and/or organiser.



THE COURSE WILL BE MARKED AS STATED IN THE SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE PRINCIPLE ROUTE BE MARKED:- BLUE - LEFT, RED- RIGHT with diversions for the other classes in additional colours. It is the riders responsiblity to follow the correct route.

The start and finish of each section will be identified by Section Start (green Card) and section Ends (red card) signs. Sections will be numbered in sequence unless otherwise stated by the organisers.


A Route:- Ride the harder route,Blue markers on the left hand side and Red markers on the right hand side of the section.

Clubman Route:- Yellow markers on the left and green markers on the right.

Beginners:-White markers.



No alteration of sections or boundaries thereof is allowed after the first rider has passed through, or in the case of a two lap course, until all riders have passed through on the first lap. A section may be cut out at the organiser's discretion, but no penalty marks deducted.



Punch cards are used at all trials, Red cards for the 'A' Route, Yellow for the Clubman Route and White for the beginners, the responsibility of looking after them rests with the rider. Only the rider or minder can present the punch card to the observer. Any disagreements over the score punched, or errors should be reported to the secretary of the meeting immediately.



A baulk is deemed to occur when a rider is prevented from making an attempt to ride a section due to outside obstruction. Should a rider claim a baulk, the observer may, at their discretion, allow a re-run of the section. This will be from the point of obstruction and score up to this point will still counted.




Front Axle in -Front Axle out:  All scoring is to take place as the front wheel axle passes an imaginary straight line between the "start" markers and all scoring is to cease as the front axle passes an imaginary straight line between the "end" markers.


Clerk of the Course: The Clerk of the course is the person with the final authority for all aspects of the event, and has the ability to perform any of the workers' duties on the day.


Retired or DNF(Did not Finsh): A competitor who retires before attempting all sections on the first lap is a DNF and will not receive points but will be marked as "R" or Retired on the score sheet.


Observer: Any event official who is authorised to score a competitor's ride. Observers report directly to the Clerk of the Course.


Rider's Meeting: Meeting for all competitors, prior to the start time, at which the promoter or Clerk of the Course gives the final instructions for the day's event.



Section Scoring shall begin when the machine's front wheel axle passes the "start" gate markers and stops when the front axle passes the "End" gate markers. Section points are allocated as follows:


Clean 0

One Dab   1

Two Dabs 2

Three or more 3

Failure 5

A rider is penalised in each section only for the one error that results in the most penalty points. In any given section, penalties are not cumulative,except for the first three "dabs". The most points a rider can lose is 5 (Example: If a rider dabs twice before riding out out of bounds, the score for the section is 5 points not 7).


Failure The following examples will result in a score of five points:

Rider or machine knocks over a section marker that requires the marker to be reset or replaced or repaired.(Touching the markers or boundary tape but not breaking or dislodging it, is not a penalty.)

Missing a marker: rider completely misses or goes on the wrong side of a marker, including gates within a section.

Out of section: machine is ridden outside the boundaries of the section.

Backwards motion, whether intentional or not, with or without the rider dabbing.

Rider dismounts: both feet to the ground on the same side or behind the machine or falls from the machine.

The motorcycle crosses its own track.

(No Penalty for TOUCHING tape or Section Cards)


Solo riders who punch their own card will not have a valid score and therefore will not be included in any championship points.


Scottish AMCA Trials Club Rules